Elmhurst in Queens NY

History of Elmhurst

The village was established in 1652 by the Dutch as Middenburgh (Middleburgh), and was a suburb of New Amsterdam in New Netherland. The original settlers of Elmhurst were from the nearby colony of Maspat (now called Maspeth), following threats and attacks by local Indians.

When the British took over Nieuwe Netherland in 1664, they renamed Middleburgh as New Town (Nieuwe Stad) to maintain the Dutch heritage. This was eventually simplified to Newtown, and it was established as the Town Seat for the Township of the same name when it was established in 1683. The village was renamed Elmhurst (Lep Hurst)[citation needed] in 1896 to identify the area with a new housing development, avoid association with the larger Township, and the Creek, and maintain the Dutch heritage. Once Queens joined the City of Greater New York in 1898, it developed into a fashionable district due to a housing development that was built in Elmhurst between 1896 and 1910, north of the Railroad Station, built by the Cord Meyer Development Company. They expanded their holdings between 1905 and 1930, including Elmhurst Square, Elmhurst South, Elmhurst Heights, and New Elmhurst. Prior to World War II, Elmhurst had an almost exclusively Jewish and Italian neighborhood. Following the war, Elmhurst evolved into what has been considered one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in New York City. By the 1980s, there were persons from 112 nations in residence.

Elmhurst shopping

Elmhurst has two large urban shopping malls. The recently expanded Queens Center Mall, the most profitable mall per square foot in the United States, and the recently renovated and expanded Queens Place Mall, a smaller round shopping center originally built as a Macy's branch. It also has many furniture stores adjacent to Grand Avenue on Queens Boulevard, among is a Levitz Furniture. All of this can be found in Elmhurst, Queens.

Transportation in Elmhurts

Accessible subway stations are Woodhaven Boulevard, Grand Avenue–Newtown and Elmhurst Avenue, all served by the E G R V trains of the IND Queens Boulevard Line. In addition, the IRT Flushing Line, served by the 7 [7] train, runs along Roosevelt Avenue, the north border of Elmhurst, with stations at 74th Street–Broadway, 82nd Street-Jackson Heights and 90th Street-Elmhurst Avenue. Buses include the Q53, Q58, Q59, and Q60.