Glen Oaks in Queens NY

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The community of Glen Oaks is located in the borough of Queens, in New York.

South of Little Neck is Glen Oaks. The highest point in Queens is to be found in Glen Oaks. It was the site of the Glen Oaks Golf Club. Glen Oaks is a residential neighborhood and also home to the Creedmore Psychiatric Center.

In a small niche of Queens, right alongside the city border is the neighborhood of Floral Park. On land that was long used for farming we still have the forty-seven acre Queens County Farm Museum, 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, 347-FARM. Complete with the historic Adriance Farmhouse (first built as a three-room Dutch farmhouse in 1772), a new red barn, acres of forest, a greenhouse, land set aside for farming, and farm animals all over the place, Queens County Farm Museum gives a wonderful taste of the city's past and life as it is still played out "in the interior," I believe is the way us New Yorkers might say it.

Glen Oaks was once the site of an estate owned by the millionaire William K. Vanderbilt (1849–1920). Today it's an affluent residential community and home to both the city's only working historical farm, the Queens County Farm Museum, and the borough's highest point, the North Shore Towers Hill.

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