Kips Bay in Manhattan NY

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Kipps Bay named after Dutch farmer Jacobus Kip.

Kips Bay is located on the East Side of Manhattan. Its northern border is 34th street, southern - 23rd street, western - Park Avenue and eastern - the East River.

The Kips Bay neighborhood of Manhattan, New York is the real estate between 23rd and 34th streets to the east of 3rd Avenue. Kips Bay was named after a 17th century Dutch farmer called Jacobus Kip. His farm ran from Second Avenue and 35th street to the East River. At that time, the river formed a bay which was named for him. This bay was later filled in, yet remains in the name of the area.

What was once a bay, Kips Bay is now a quiet location on the East Side of Manhattan, New York. Somewhat understated until recently, this neighborhood east of Third Avenue between 27th and 34th Streets, is becoming more and more popular with trendy young professionals.

The real draw to Kips Bay real estate, many say, is its location - proximity to Midtown Manhattan's business district and Downtown's nightlife.

Because of its convenient location, new boutiques, restaurant, night-life, and businesses have also moved in.

Kips Bay is a home to Institutional Buildings of New York

Also of note, Kips Bay is the center of Medicine in Manhattan. It is home to institutional buildings of New York University, including the Tisch School of the Arts, NYU College of Dentistry, NYU School of Medicine, Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Bellevue Hospital Center. The Manhattan VA Hospital is also in Kips Bay. As result, many doctors and hospital staff live here too which has resulted in an influx of high-end luxury real estate.

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