Murray Hill in Manhattan NY

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Murray Hill is presents diverse cultural offerings

Murray Hill is also known as Lower Midtown East, the more low-key part of Midtown stretches from Fifth Avenue to the United Nations at the East River. Both Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building are stunning architectural highlights of Murray Hill, and the Pierpont Morgan Library presents diverse cultural offerings. The pedestrian and traffic congestion of Murray Hill is a major quality-of-life issue for the residents, who also battle against the endless traffic at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. Nevertheless, take a walk around the quieter residential blocks, and you’re quickly transported away from the hubbub of central Midtown.

One story to tell about the area's namesake - it's about the Murray family. They were Quakers who settled and farmed the land that now stretches from 33rd to 39th streets east of Madison Avenue. Somehow, the name persevered despite the exile of a prominent son and the leveling of the family hill.

Murray Hill apartments are reasonably priced

Today, a gradual stream of young professionals are snatching up apartments in the brownstones that line the East 30s and co-ops in apartment buildings closer to the river and the 40s. Real estate is more reasonably priced than anywhere else on the island south of Harlem; and being that everywhere in the neighborhood is a short walk from Fifth Avenue and Grand Central, it's as sure as any investment. Perhaps Murray Hill will never see meatpacking days, but does it need it? A gradual evolution is underway, with new apartment towers in construction on 34th Street and the restaurant and bar scene on Third Avenue becoming spicier with each liquor license issued.

For much of the past century, the neighborhood was a quiet and rather formal place, with many well-off older residents. Since the late 1990s, however, many professional New Yorkers in their twenties and thirties have begun to move into the area. The raucous restaurant-and-bar scene along Third Avenue on the weekends particularly reflects this change.

Landmarks, Museums and Area's Attractions

The Morgan Library and Sniffen Court carriage houses on 36th Street are architectural tour stops. And the Gilbert-designed Beaux Arts mansion is as lovely a structural design (though not as, well, grand) as Grand Central Station. Whether for use or touring, the New York Public Library brings many guests to Murray Hill, as does the Queens-Midtown Tunnel (though the constant traffic and noise are not so welcomed by residents).

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