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Russian in Manhattan NY

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1. FireBird Russian Restaurant

Neighborhood: Manhattan/Hell's Kitchen Russian classics served in pre-Revolutionary splendor by attentive waiters in Cossack inspired uniforms. Perfect for pre-theatre or the main event.
365 W. 46th St.
New York, NY, 10036

212-586-0244 more info »

2. Russian Samovar

Neighborhood: Manhattan/Midtown World class food, wide selection of Russian flavored vodkas. Delicious and beautifully presented. A wonderful relaxing dining experience.
256 W. 52nd St.
New York, NY, 10019

212-757-0168 more info »

3. Uncle Vanya Cafe

Neighborhood: Manhattan/Hell's Kitchen If you've ever eaten good home-cooking in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you'll recongnize the dill-laden and sour-cream-daubed standards at Uncle Vanya Cafe. - TONY 100
315 W. 54th St.
New York, NY, 10019

212-262-0542 more info »

4. Veselka

Neighborhood: Manhattan/East Village Tasty, filling, and inexpensive Eastern European (Ukranian) fare available 24 hours a day.
144 Second Ave.
New York, NY, 10003

212-228-9682 more info »

5. Caviar Russe

Neighborhood: Manhattan/Midtown Ultimate luxury caviar house and cigar lounge. Feels more like a private club than a restaurant.
528 Madison Ave.
New York, NY, 10022

212-980-5908 more info »

6. Moscow Restaurant & Cabaret

Neighborhood: Manhattan/Midtown Russian cuisine served by a top-notch service staff in silk-upholstered dining room. 3 floors. Discotheque, Cabaret & Russian DJ one night a week on ground floor.
137 E. 55th St.
New York, NY, 10022

212-813-1313 more info »

7. Pravda

Neighborhood: Manhattan/NoLIta Russian motif lounge where you can savor arctic chilled Vodka, single-malt Scotch with Dunhill cigars, bourbon, caviar and the latest interpretations of Russian classics.
281 LaFayette St.
New York, NY, 10012

212-226-4696 more info »

8. Kiev International

Neighborhood: Manhattan/East Village Eastern European, Ukranian and Russian cuisine in East Village
117 Second Ave.
New York, NY, 10003

212-420-9600 more info »
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A typical Menu in a Russian Restaurant.


Russian serve salads as appetizers and they look and smell very delicious, stimulating appetite. Some of them can be spicy. They are served with various seasonings and condiments, such as horse- radish, mayonnaise, kvas, garlic and piquant tomato sauces, etc. lending special pungency to the dish.

- Russian vinaigrette salad
- Mixed meat jelly (holodets)
- Fish jelly
- Salted herrings, home style


Soups in Russian restaurants are served as the first course at dinner. In the Russian language the world "soup" was naturalsed quite late. Originally, Russian soups were called "khlebovo" or "pokhlyobka" - soup with cereals. The typical Russian soups are "schi" (soup with cabbage or sauerkraut), "borsch" (beet and cabbage soup), "rassolnik" (soup with pickled cucumbers), "okroshka" (cold kvass soup), "solyanka" (soup with vegetables, pickled cucumbers, olives and bits of meat) and "pohlyobka"

- Ukranian borsch
- Solyanka
- Rassolnik
- Meat schi with sauerkraut
- Green soup
- Okroshka
- Mushroom soup


In Russian cooking bread and pastry have always been especially important. Guests were met with bread and salt. Of no lesser importance were pies - a symbol of wealth and well- being. Russian women were famous for their skills in making different sorts of cookies: blini (pancakes), kulebyakas, rasstegais, cheese cakes, spice- cakes, etc. Howere, especially popular were patties made from soudough.

- Pancakes (classical)
- Buckwheat pancakes
- Apple pancakes
- Fast thick pancakes
- Kulebiaka
- Kulich (Easter bread)
- Rasstegai (small open pie with filling)

Meat dishes

Russian cuisine has always beenrich in meat dishes. The following recipes deal with dishes of beef, pork, mutton, poultry, game, and wild animals. As a rule, meat dishes are served with vegetables. noodles and cereal.

- Beef goulash
- Boeuf Stroganoff
- Meat "Hedgehogs"
- Macaroni Naval Style
- Pork chops
- "Ushnoye" (Russian Stew)
- Pozharskiye chops
- Goose with apples
- Golubtsy
- Pelmeni

Hot fish dishes

In Russian cuisine fish dishes are some of the most favorite ones. The rivers, lakes and seas by which Russian people settled always gave them this tasty and accessible food. Apart from fresh- water fish our ancestors also ate sea fish like cod, navaga. However, especially valued were sturgeon, salmon and other fishes of this kind. Most often fish dished are served with potatoes and boiled buckwheat.

There is one explanation why in past Russians used to cook fish dishes. It was not allowed to eat any kind of meat and any kind of milk food in duration of long fasts but fish dishes were permitted (except time of the Lent).

- Baked pike- perch
- Fish, monastery style
- Sturgeon fried in portions