Sutton Place in Manhattan NY

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Sutton Place is the name given to an affluent street and surrounding enclave of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. It is located on the cusp of the Midtown and Upper East Side neighborhoods, stretching between 57-th Street and 59-th Street, along the East River, south of the Queensboro Bridge, with the stretch below 57-th Street down to 53-rd Street called Sutton Place South. North of 59-th Street, the road continues as York Avenue.

Sutton Place was originally one of several disconnected stretches of Avenue A where space allowed east of First Avenue. Effingham B. Sutton constructed a group of brownstones in 1875 between 57th and 58th Streets, and is said to have lent the street his name, though the earliest source found by The New York Times dates back to 1883. The New York City Board of Aldermen approved a petition to change the name from "Avenue A" to "Sutton Place", covering the blocks between 57th and 60th Streets.

Prominent residents of Sutton Place include architect I.M. Pei, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and actress Sigourney Weaver. Former residents of Sutton Place include Bill Blass, C.Z. Guest, Bobby Short, Irene Hayes, Elsie de Wolfe, Marilyn Monroe and her then husband Arthur Miller.

The official residence of the United Nations Secretary-General is a five-story townhouse in Sutton Place. The townhouse was built for Anne Morgan, daughter of financier J. P. Morgan, in 1921, and donated as a gift to the United Nations in 1972.

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