West Village in Manhattan NY

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Location of West Village

The West Village is everything West of Sixth Avenue, from Houston to 14th street. Essentially, the West Village is the original Greenwich Village. The need for the modifier ("West") is a relatively new thing resulting from the emergence of the Eastern counterpart, the East Village.

There is a certain degree of ambiguity as to whether the West Village includes the area around 5th avenue and University Place (aka the Central Village). Our panel of experts maintains that it doesn't.

Population and Demographics

Population stands at about 72,000. The West Village used to be visibly gay, although in the last few years young families started to overtake as the neighborhood's most visible constituency.

As far as the social makeup is concerned, the majority could easily qualify as affluent if not outright rich. Real estate prices here are among the highest in Manhattan, not to mention other boroughs.

The area has been traditionally considered a natural place to live for intellectuals of all kinds (the literary type in particular) but we are yet to meet one full-time writer who can afford living there. Stockbrokers would probably have a much better shot.

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